Benchmark R/C AKA: (Michael Hicks) OWNER, has  of over 40 years of experience of commercial artistry and radio control hobby products development .

   This is a true "American" company loyal to the concept of " ...Try & buy American Made First". A place where you can actually talk to someone who understands the requirements and expectations of scale modelers and sport flyers too. And, where you can custom create features in your order to meet your specific need.

"With all we do, our goal is to be the best we can be and to do 

that for you...and at the best price".

  We will continue to evolve and introduce new and exciting products as soon as possible. Aircraft kit development and services will soon be offered too. ( see our link to our aircraft web site)

  Browse through our pages and see if something we have will work for you.

  Mission Statement / Special Note:

 Benchmark R/C pilots is  a  manufacturing and marketing   company  designed to train and employ disabled veterans, those difficult to employ and others with disabilities. Under management  supervision, they will be doing the production and selling  of these products. You are helping supply jobs, love, purpose and  physical, emotional and spiritual support to those who deserve so much. 

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Thank you!