I have developed a 501C3 non profit company designed to offer jobs, opportunities and training to primarily disabled veterans and people of special needs. This program is designed to promote and develop skill training for those who are unable or  difficult to employ in the typical workplace scenario. We also offer a spiritual based counseling program, food and living assistance, and programs that cooperate with local and national organizations to help with the overall welfare of the people we hire and their families. Not hand outs but a hand up.

 A future goal in our vision is to create a "Tiny Home" community for homeless vets and people who need to have a secure roof over their heads, and are willing to work to regain the ground that is lost thru hardships and personal trials.


 Regardless of your involvement with our Benchmark R/C programs and product offers , if you would like to contribute and sponsor  our employees please let us know  and we will get you all the necessary information to help you make a decision  towards it.



Michael Hicks

Autumn Marie Cherry

David Weibert

Paul Medcalf