Whats- Up

"Build A Pilot Program"

We are constantly trying to expand and simplify the ordering process for our pilot displays. We now call it  "Build A Pilot Program"  which shows you all the options you have available for any particular size pilot that is in the program.

Hopefully this will eliminate guess work and confusion when making your choices. Not all pilots come with multiple heads andbody choices...those will be just


1/8th scale size Jet pilot     J8-B or F

( B - means Bust Display     F- means Full Body Display)


Helmet 1

Helmet 2

Helmet 3

Helmet 4

Helmet 5

Helmet 6

Helmet 7

Helmet 8

Helmet 9

Body style-A.......Standard pilot

Body style-B.......Co Pilot

Body style-C.......Thunder-Bird Pilot

Body Style-D......Blue Angel Pilot

Body Style-E...... Korean War Era Pilot

Body Style-F...... Other or Foreign 

  To order you choose the Body Style and the depiction ( bust or Full Body Display).  Then you match it with the proper Helmet style you wish and submit the order  to our shopping cart.


Scale size___________________

Body Depiction B____      F_____

Body Style________       Helmet Style__________

Brief description if non standard color and features:__________________________________________